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Right now, UNICEF is working tirelessly around the clock to reach every child caught up in this unprecedented children’s emergency. Your support is vital in enabling the survival of these children and in ensuring they have the chance to develop, thrive and reach their full potential.


UNICEF On The Ground

UNICEF is working around the clock responding to meet the needs of some 500,000 children and their families currently affected by this emergency. We are ensuring the provision of safe water supplies, sanitation and hygiene, supporting vaccination of children against life threatening disease, establishing spaces where children can be children and access psycho-social counselling and child-centred care, enabling education to continue through learning centres in camps and creating systems to protect the most vulnerable from further harm. Millions of dollars of supplies have already been purchased and have started to arrive in Bangladesh and are being distributed to the most vulnerable. The first cargo plane arrived on 24th September and a second plane arrived on 28th September.

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The UNICEF mission in this emergency is simple and clear: to reach every child caught up in this emergency and to support them and their families. We won’t stop until that is done. But we urgently need your help. By donating, you are making a difference in the lives of these vulnerable children and helping to ensure their survival. Please give generously, anything you can donate will make a difference.

Thank you for choosing to support this life-saving work.

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Recent Activity


As a response to the Rohingya refugee crisis, UNICEF is bringing in 100 tones of critical emergency #supplies for Rohingya #children & families displaced in Bangladesh through a special cargo plane.


UNICEF starts vaccination against measles, rubella, and polio and also provides Vitamin A capsules for around 150,000 Rohingya children at spontaneous settlements in Cox’s Bazar and Bandarban district where the concentration of the new arrivals is high.


Rohingya children dressed up in different attires and having fun at one of the UNICEF supported mobile Child Friendly Spaces in Balukhali new settlement. UNICEF has scaled up its child protection support to serve the Rohingya children